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  • The US/Japan Connection, a project of the National Performing Arts Network (NPN)

    Through support of artists and the arts, JUSFC helps to promote cultural understanding and deepens the ties between the people of Japan and the United States.   « Read more

    The US/Japan Connection, a project of the National Performing Arts Network (NPN)

  • JUSFC_legislative_exchange

    People-to-people exchanges between Japan and the United States strengthen the bilateral relationship and help promote peace and stability in the Asia Pacific region. JUSFC supports legislative exchanges that bring together leaders from both countries.

    Legislative Exchanges

  • s_Danny Russel_slider

    The Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission encourages collaboration and supports public affairs and education.  « Read more

    Assistant Secretary of State Daniel R. Russel Shares Diplomatic and Security Priorities

  • 120203__JUSFC_photos_019

    An ever-changing international community faces new challenges and needs a diversity of global leaders in Japan and the United States to address them. JUSFC invests in institutions and programs that engage the next generation in the US-Japan dialogue.

    JUSFC invests in institutions and programs

  • s_Proseminar

    JUSFC promotes the Study of the United States in Japan.  A joint effort among the Japanese Association for American Studies, the American Studies Association, and the Organization of American Historians brings together Japanese and American scholars at a 2013 Proseminar at Sophia University in Tokyo.

    Proseminar at Sophia University in Tokyo

  • slider_2

    Educational and cultural exchange between the people of Japan and the United States is the foundation of a strong and healthy US-Japan relationship.  JUSFC encourages collaboration and partnerships between individuals and organizations who share a common interest in supporting the bilateral relationship.

    Educational and cultural exchange

  • KeeneHare

    JUSFC supports academic institutions and organizations dedicated to supporting Japanese language and cultural studies and scholarship about Japan in the US, and the US in Japan. « Read more

    JUSFC supports academic institutions

News / Blog

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

The Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission (the Commission) is proud to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Established by Congress in 1975, the Commission plays a prominent role in supporting the robust partnership that has developed between Japan and the United States since 1945.

The Commission’s mission is to preserve and strengthen the bilateral relationship by advancing mutual understanding between the two countries through cultural and intellectual exchange. In so doing, Japan and the United States have deepened their shared commitment to democracy, the rule of law, and peace and economic prosperity throughout the Asia-Pacific.

The Commission continues its mission by actively supporting U.S. organizations and programs that promote scholarly, educational, artistic and legislative linkages with Japan, and by collaborating with both its sister organizations, the U.S.-Japan Bridging Foundation and CULCON (United States-Japan Conference on Cultural & Educational interchange), and government institutions.

We look forward to building on our past accomplishments to further strengthen the U.S.-Japan partnership in the decades ahead.… » READ MORE

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Five U.S. Artists Selected to Participate in the 2016 U.S.-Japan Creative Artists Program

For Immediate Release

Washington, D.C., September 10, 2015: The Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission (JUSFC) and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) announced today that a group of five outstanding artists from the United States have been selected to participate in the 2016 U.S.-Japan Creative Artists Program. The artists will travel to Japan during the 2016 calendar year to pursue their residency. Since the program’s inception in 1978, 160 U.S. artists, representing a diverse range of disciplines, have been selected to travel to Japan for this residency.

The 2016 group of U.S.-Japan Creative Artists Program fellows includes:

Latasha N. Nevada Diggs , New York, NY – Vocalist, Curator

Alex Dodge, Brooklyn, NY – Visual Artist

Graham Kolbeins, Los Angeles, CA – Filmmaker

Sue Mark and Bruce Douglas, Oakland, CA – Interdisciplinary Artists

Piper Shepard, Baltimore, MD – Textile Artist… » READ MORE

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

USJBF, CULCON, and JUSFC hold Semi-Annual Meeting

IMG_1016On Monday, June 8, 2015, the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission (JUSFC), U.S. CULCON Panel, and the U.S.-Japan Bridging Foundation (USJBF) held semi-annual meetings in Washington, D.C. The three organizations strive to strengthen U.S.-Japan educational and cultural ties through innovative initiatives. Members discussed issues such as increasing U.S.-Japan student mobility, academic freedom and Japan Studies in the United States. Members also discussed ways to highlight the Commission’s 40th anniversary and its legacy of preparing Americans to assume future global leadership roles through U.S.-Japan people-to-people exchange.

IMG_1027         IMG_1030» READ MORE

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