Harry Hill – Chairman

Harry Hill is Outside Director and Member of the Board, New Business Development at Oak Lawn Marketing, Inc.

Born on July 22, 1963, Hill grew up in and around New York City during the tumultuous 1970’s and 80’s.  He attended Dwight-Englewood School in New Jersey from 8th to 12th grade.  Hill went to college at Cornell University, graduating with a BA in English Literature in 1985.  After graduation he was hired to work at the Gifu Prefecture Board of Education (Japan).  During his 3 1/2 years he met his wife, became increasingly proficient in Japanese and created a strong network of people and government officials who would later help him in building his career.  Hill established several business ventures that taught him how to create and sell ideas and the importance of managing cash flow and profit creation.  One of the most successful was H&R Consultants whom he founded in 1991 with Robert Roche (founder of Oak Lawn Marketing, 1993).  The two entrepreneurs created an organization that became one of the leading relocation services and lease providers for furniture and cars in Nagoya and Tokyo, with annual revenue over US$8 million.

After the bubble years, Hill took a 2 year working hiatus in the US before returning to Japan in late 1999 when he joined Oak Lawn Marketing to manage the call center.  His time at the call center gave Hill an appreciation for listening to the customers and developing the necessary skills to earn the trust and loyalty of Japanese customers.  At the time Hill joined Oak Lawn Marketing, the company had three core areas of business-DRTV(Direct Response Television), outsourcing call center, and retail sales.  In 2006, Hill took over as the director of DRTV operations.  Under Hill’s leadership, the company has continued to develop stable brands and enjoy unusual success.  Building on the increased exposure and credibility of successful products, Hill has steadily increased revenue from JPY17 billion when he became president in 2006 to JPY616 billion in 2012.  Hill is widely regarded as an inspirational and strong operational leader in Japan and in the direct marketing industry.

In April of 2009, NTT Docomo Inc., Japan’s telecommunications giant and global leader in mobile communications, purchased 51% of Oak Lawn Marketing for JPY31 billion.  Hill initiated and led the negotiations resulting in the merger and became the first non-Japanese president and CEO of a NTT Docomo subsidiary.

Hill has a high media profile and frequently gives speeches and lectures to universities and organizations.  In 2010 he was appointed to the Japan Association of Corporate Executives.  In 2012 alone, Hill was featured in the top business men’s fashion & martial arts magazines as well as numerous interviews in newspapers and on TV.  Since September 2012, Hill has been serving as chairman of the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) and acts as chairman through 2013.  This marks the first time a non-American company will chair the ERA, headquartered in Washington, D.C.

In addition to his business activities, Hill is involved in numerous charities and non-profit organizations.  Hill presides as Chairman of the Hope International Development Agency, Japan, and was instrumental in creating the OLM x HOPE = Genki Japan Fund.  Within two weeks of the Great East Japan Earthquake in March, the fund raised over JPY150 million, and over 500 tons of emergency goods were delivered to neglected shelters.  Hill is also an active member of the American Chamber of Commerce Japan.  He has served as Chubu Governor, Special Advisor and is currently the Chairman of the External Affairs Committee (Chubu) and Co-Chair of the CEO Forum.

Hill is married with five children.  He lives in Nagakute City, a suburb of Nagoya.  Among Hill’s personal accomplishments is lead branch instructor for the Nagakute branch of Shorinji Kempo (Harry holds a 5th degree black belt). Hill also competes in kickboxing tournaments.