Sample Budget Request

Applicants are free to use this Sample Budget Form or design a form of their own. In all cases, the Commission requires that the applicant provide the following information: all other sources of funding for the project, secured or anticipated; request to JUSFC as a percentage of total project budget; and comparison with previous Commission support for the proposed project, if any, both by way of previous amount and percentage of difference with current request.

Instructions for Sample Budget:

  1. Fill in gray cells ONLY; white cells will calculate automatically.
  2. When entering data, do NOT use ANY punctuation, ie, $,.% etc.
  3. $1 has been put in all gray cells containing numbers as a placeholder for your data. You must REPLACE the “1” of $1 with a higher amount or a 0 so that all calculations function properly.
  4. Edit the gray cells that contain text to make them more specific to your proposal. For example, “Funding from Source A” may be edited to “Funding from XX Foundation” or funding from your own institution.

You may add or delete columns and rows without changing the formulas for calculation. For instance, if you have not received a previous grant from JUSFC for this project, you may want to delete the two columns M and N.

To add a COLUMN, click on the letter at the top of the column you want to duplicate, click on Edit/ Copy, then Insert/ Copied Cells next to the copied column and edit.

To add a ROW, find a row similar in structure to one you’d like to add, click on the row number at the left, click on Edit/ Copy. Select a row. Your new row will appear directly above it when you click Insert/ Copied Cells.

This spreadsheet is formatted to print – simply click on the Printer icon.

Download Spreadsheet in an Excel Format

Download Spreadsheet in PDF Format

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