From Elizabeth Dowd, U.S. – Japan Creative Artist Fellow- ’92-’93

February 14, 2013 

Elizabeth Dowd, JUSFC Creative Artist Fellow- ’92-’93. The Noh Training Project at the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble, now in its 19th year, is  accepting registrations for NTP 2013 – July 15th-August 3rd.  Discover the stillness, power, and economy of Noh during NTP’s  three-week, performance-based training intensive. Culminating in a final public recital, NTP offers classes in shimai (dance), utai (chant) and the four instruments of Noh: the otsuzumi (hip drum), kotsuzumi (shoulder drum), taiko (stick drum) and nohkan (flute). Under the Direction of Noh expert, Richard Emmert and Master Teacher and Noh actor, Akira Matsui, NTP has earned its reputation as the most intensive training in Noh available outside of Japan. July 15th- August 3rd, 2013. Visit or Noh Training Project 2012 on Facebook for more information or direct inquiries to Elizabeth Dowd at